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About Us

As an independently owned Muay Thai organisation we have been offering our services since February 2004 in providing an effective fitness, self-defence and fighter programme to our members.

Company Overview


Our Muay Thai training programme is based on the ‘Science of 8 Limbs’, originated in ‘Siam’ now known as ‘Thailand’, incorporating western boxing, devastating kicks, crunching knees and piercing elbows making it an effective fitness and self defence system.



To Instruct and provide a professional standard of Muay Thai to the whole community, with equal opportunity and maximum possible access for members.

To provide the best possible service to all of the MGRM members and associates

To encourage members to maintain a high level of professional learning and attitude towards their fellow members

To promote good practice at all of our sessions

To obtain a higher standard of teaching through manual support, seminars and other publications


Since 2004 MGRM has delivered its training programme to men, women and children and have now produced some quality instructors and fighters who are regularly at the fore front of the events that we participate in upholding the MGRM way and fight system.

At MGRM we ensure that we deliver your training in a safe and friendly environment, so if this is the way you want to train, you'll fit right in. If you have an ego, leave it at home.

Pop down to a session and let us help shape your lifestyle both mentally and physically to a new fitter, tougher and stronger you!

















Our Team

Our coaching team is made up of our fighters and senior members, which consist of 1 chief instructor, 3 instructors and 2 assistant coaches



Gee Lotay
Chief Instructor & MGRM co-founder

Gee has had over 40 years of Martial Arts experience. He has trained in many martial arts from Karate styles and has experienced many forms of Kung Fu. In 1988 he was introduced to a full contact Kickboxing fighting system, which he practiced. This system of martial arts influenced a new way of thinking and encouraged him to train harder with a London based instructor. This was the start of a new concept of thinking, shrugging off the shackles of traditional styles and incorporating the learned knowledge into a new dynamic fighting system influence of Muay Thai, and is also a qualified instructor with Brahm Arjarn Sken Kaewpadung.



Organisations Secretary & MGRM co-founder

Meeta has been with the organisation from 'GO'. A multi-skilled and responsible individual for numerous teaching and non-teaching operations. Responsible for arranging all MGRM events and ensuring efficient administration. She has a vital role in ensuring that the organisation operates smoothly and has taken charge of coaching the pee wees and some juniors to a competent level and is a key asset to the MGRM organisation.



Gurpal J.

Gurpal has been training with us since 2005 from having no knowledge or experience in martial arts or boxing, he has progressed through our training syllabus and is now an instructor and one of our most experienced, highly disciplined and highly regarded team member. He has gained considerable knowledge in Muay Thai and competition and is now using his knowledge and skills to help the students develop to their best ability.



Mik Bains

Mik has been with us since 2007 and has progressed through the training syllabus and is now an instructor and professional Fighter. He is an active B-Class fighter and currently fights between 60kg - 63kg. A most dedicated young individual who knows his goals and is set out to reach them.

Current titles:
2013 Chang National Superlightweight Cup
2011 ISKA English Title 63.5kg max
2011 ISKA Southern Area Title 63.5kg max

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